We take time to study each project with the team and decide based on the brand, geographic area, interior design scheme and overall finishes what the best lighting would be. We believe each project deserves this detail in order to deliver the appropriate lighting design, all the while keeping a budgetary approach at each step of the way.


We work closely with hundreds of manufacturers to ensure the best pricing on lighting fixtures and controls. Our goal is always to shed light on the project with hi-level service at affordable pricing.


Did you know that all new construction projects require a 3rd party commissioning company to inspect the lighting compliance along with its controls? At JSA we offer this service and train owners and contractors on how to get the most energy savings out of their systems. This new requirement is quickly catching owners and contractors by surprise and we have the solution for you.


With budget in mind, we specify the best lighting from over 100 of the top manufacturers. We understand the need for future replacements, maintenance and energy savings. This all is an important part of specifying such products. Many times we have Interior design teams with a vision for custom fixtures and we will bring those visions to light.


We offer photometric studies for exterior lighting and emergency lighting as required by the building codes. Whether for entitlement lighting studies or Construction drawings, this is important and we can help. These are the tools that will help determine whether a project has enough lighting during design phase rather than waiting until construction to determine that a property is not sufficiently lighted for safety.


Energy Compliance and Title 24 consists of regulations to enhance building standards. Any construction of a new building or alterations made to an existing building have to meet the standards. The standards were adopted as a way to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste. At JS & Associates we understand and help navigate through these treacherous waters. We design budget conscious controls to meet these requirements and educate architects, engineers, and contractors on the matter.


Decorative lighting solutions help people appreciate artful interior design and creates mood in a space. At JSA, we pride ourselves on delivering Interior designers the vision and specifications to create the ambiance and truly paint the picture with the right amount of lighting. Lighting is an art form, and we are proud to see these spaces created for multi-purpose use from daytime shared business work areas to a lounge late night evening where guests can enjoy dinner & drinks.